!!Free!! train 3 times a week to build muscle and shred fat!!

% refers to your 1 rep max, so 70% would be 70% of your 1 rep max.

Barbell complex: A barbell complex is a type of strength circuit where you complete 2, or more exercises with a barbell back to back with no rest without the bar touching the ground.

Day 1:


1. Bench Press: 70% x 8, 75% x 6, 80% x max reps

2. Flat DB Press: 2 x Max Reps using the same weight (Choose a weight that you can get around 20-25 reps with on the 1st set.)

3a. Seated underhand Grip Cable Rows: 4x15

3b. Cable Triceps Pushdowns : 4x15

4a. DB Shrugs (2 Sec Hold at top): 3x15

4b. DB Lateral side Raises: 3x15

5. Barbell Complex (deadlifts, bent rows, hang cleans, push press, back squat): 2 sets. Perform 10 reps of each exercise. Rest 90 sec between sets choose weight based on your weakest lift.

Day 2:


1. DB Squat Jumps, 4x6

2. Squat or Deadlift (change weekly): 72.5% x 8, 77.5% x 6, 82.5% x 4

3a. walking lunges 4x40m (our green track is 20m)

3b. russian twists (feet off ground): 3x20 ea side

4. Timed one-mile run: You can do this on a treadmill or outside on a track, etc. If you are unable to run due to injuries, you can substitute this with 2 miles on the exercise bike or rower/ski erg. Whatever you choose, make sure you try and complete the distance in the least amount of time. Record your time! try to beat it each week

Day 3:


1. Chin-ups 3x max reps

2a. Front Lat Pulldowns (Wide, overhand): 2 x Max Reps (choose a weight you can get 20-25 Reps 1st Set stick with that weight for 2nd set)

2b. Standing DB Military Press: 2 x Max Reps (15-20 Reps 1st Set, 10-15 2nd Set)

3a. floor deadstop DB triceps extensions – 4x8

3b. Hammer Curls (both arms same time) – 4x8

4. Core Circuit: x2 A) ab wheel 10 B) crunches 15 C) heel touches 20 (10 each side)

5. 100 push-ups as fast as possible: (Record the time and try to beat next week)

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