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October 12, 2017

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WOD 13/10/17

October 12, 2017

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10 exercises you should have in your programme and why!

August 23, 2017

So i often get asked "what is the best exercise/programme" and to be honest i cannot answer that question  because what makes a perfect exercise/programme for each  individual will vary due to the different goals, ability and  difference in anatomy & physiology, the right answer will be different for each person.
The powerlifters are going to choose the powerlifts, the weightlifters are going to choose the Olympic lifts etc.. You could argue for a tonne of really great exercises to be in this list and i am sure there would be a lot of those in which I’d see your point. 
However this is my opinion and my list... so there :P 

so in no particular order and just a short overview of why,(i will explain more benefits of each exercise in individual posts at a later date)

here are my top 10 exercises to include in your programmes! 



1. squats (most variations)

Squats will build the quads, erectors, glutes, hip extension strength in a flexed-position, and jumping power.


2. conventional deadlift

Deadlifts will build the hamstrings, erectors, glutes, quads, and hip extension strength in a flexed-position.


3. barbell hip thrust

Hip thrusts will maximize glute strength and power while building horizontal force production capabilities and speed.


4. powerlifting-style bench press

5. military press

Bench presses and military presses will build the pecs, delts, and triceps while ensuring sound levels of upper body pressing strength.


6. weighted neutral grip pull-up

7. trap bar bent over row

Neutral grip pull-ups and trap bar bent over rows will build the lats, traps, and rhomboids while ensuring sound levels of upper body pulling strength.


8. sled push  (heavy and light)

The lighter sled sprints will train more speed strength/explosive strength and the heavy sled sprint will train more strength speed/absolute strength.


9. ab wheel rollout

Ab wheel rollouts will strengthen the abs/obliques and increase core stability.


10. farmer’s walk

Farmer’s walks will build the grip and increase functional strength.




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